Glossy Paper Mache Day of the Dead Mariachis, 8" Tall

$ 48.00
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Approximately 8" tall, glossy black painted paper mache mariachis. These fellows are handmade in Mexico City by the same fellow who made these skeletons on bikes. They are standing on a small wooden base to prevent them from tipping over.  Remember most Day of the Dead skeletons are happy to be returning to visit their relatives during Dia de los Muertos--these guys are doing what they loved to do when alive--playing music!  Select from the fiddle (check out the bow), the guitar and the guitarra (large guitar). They are all wearing their patriotic ties of green, red and white. 


state of origin:  Mexico
dimensions:   10-11" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Size
Guitarra: 1
Fiddle: 1
Guitar: 1