Sophie Mexican Embroidered Dress, Shorter Length

$ 145.00
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This Mexican hand-embroidered dress comes from Puebla, Mexico. It is sewn on 100% manta cotton, which is a little stiff at first but after washing (yes, in the washing machine!) it will soften up and be so lovely and comfortable. The gorgeous, colorful hand-done embroidery is unique to each piece. The dresses are trimmed in colored thread along the collar. It's a light weight dress, fantastic for summer weather, as a dress, tunic or beach coverup. The dresses are small/medium, I would say a size 4-6ish. Wash inside out in cold water and hang to dry or tumble dry on low. 

Some people like to shorten them and others wear them with a belt and cowboy boots...Do your thing with them! This one is longer but could easily be shortened. 

state of origin:  Puebla
dimensions: approx 17-18" between armpits, 43" long; one is medium, one is small

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Medium-red trim: 1
Small-orange trim: 1