Mexican Papier-Mâché Judas Figures, Small

$ 21.00
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Judas figures are found in places other than Mexico (Spain, Greece, South America) -- especially those countries with a strong Catholic influence on popular culture. These are smaller versions of the huge papier-mâché Judas figures or traitor figures that are blown up with explosives in many parts of Mexico, including Mexico City. The figures often take the shape of these devils with huge horns, tails and wings but sometimes they are effigies of disliked people that are exploded over the street (or in homes, if you can believe it) on the Saturday before Easter. So they are not a Day of the Dead folk art but one that is created at Easter more about Judas Figures!

This is the last Judas figure we have in stock for now. He's small and has no horns but he's very authentic, paper mache folk art. Handmade in Mexico City 

state of origin:  Mexico City
dimensions: Approx 6.5" tall

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