Mexican Purse Swag with Tassels and Poms

$ 16.00
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OK, these are cute. They come as either little dangling pompoms (some beaded) or Frida swags. Add them to purses, doorknobs or anywhere you want a little dab of whimsy and colorful cheer. Some have clip hooks for adding to purses, and others have handwoven loops at the top. The tassel colors vary on each one -- please let us choose for you.

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions:  Poms with or without beads are about 9"-10" long; Frida is about 12" long

Available: Quantities limited by Pattern
Beaded Pom Swag: 1
Frida Swag: 0
Pom Pom Swag: 0