Mexican Wood Carving, Frog Musicians from Oaxaca

$ 58.00

These Mexican wood carvings of frog percussion musicians were carved from wood and painted in the village of San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. The beautiful spotted painting is a great whimsical rendition of frogs (or are they toads?)  The wood carving is lovely and amazing and if you can believe it, it is done with a machete. The wood is copal, native to the Oaxaca area. The aniline paint colors are different shades of greens and black and well coordinated. Very whimsical. 

Each frog is One of a kind
Large drum: SOLD
Snare drum: SOLD
Cymbols: 1 available

state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: approx 6-7" tall

Available: 1