Niña Deshilado Cotton Blouses, Oaxaca

$ 88.00
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These embroidered and deshilado (dethreaded) blouses were made in Oaxaca, Mexico. All of them have a slightly scooped neckline. None of them are decorated on the back. The two white ones feature multi-colored threads on a white, manta (heavy cotton) background that has been washed and is soft and pliable. The pink one also features multiple colored threads. They were purchased at a Women's Cooperative in Oaxaca City. They are meant to be loose but can be belted or tucked in. 

One of a kind. Medium sizes

state of origin: Oaxaca
dimensions: Whites are approximately 24" wide x 25" long  (Medium) Pink is approx 24" wide by 27" long (Medium)

Available: Quantities limited by Color
White with No Embroidery under Yoke: 1
Pink: 0
White with Embroidery Under Yoke: 0