Smooth or Notched Edges Michoacán Sterling Silver Arracadas, Medium

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These arracadas, or crescent shaped earrings, are handmade in Michoacán. The center piece swings for nice movement and they are made of .925 sterling silver. The edges are either notched or smooth and there is a tiny flower decorating the inside crescent. Pretty, simple and muy Mexicana.

Arracada earrings naturally sit slightly angled in the earlobe. It's not the hole in your ear! They are supposed to be slightly angled and not exactly perpendicular to your head. For that reason, you may be able to see the back side of the earring when you are looking in the mirror.

state of origin: Michoacán
dimensions: 1" wide by 1.25" long

Available: Quantities limited by Pattern
Smooth: 0
Rayada: 0