Otomi Hand Embroidered Tenango Large Rectangles

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Exquisitely embroidered Mexican Otomi tenango textiles handmade in Mexico. Large rectangles, 33" by 28" in size, can be framed for an amazing wall hanging, cut apart to cover a lampshade, or used on a table as a gorgeous centerpiece. They are embroidered on off-white muslin. They have been washed and our pieces never have the visible pencil lines. They are handmade over several months in San Pablito, Puebla by experienced artisans. (See it framed by the customer in the last photo!) 

Each one is one of a kind

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state of origin: Hidalgo, Mexico
dimensions: approximately 33" by 28"

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Bright Red-Orange Red: 0
Bright Yellow: 0
Medium Gray: 0
Dark Red: 0
Multi-color: 0