Painted Lacquer Shelf with Drawer

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Mexican lacquered items are an example of a folk art that appears in several regions in Mexico and was most likely imported from Asia at some point in Mexico's history. This painted lacquer shelf is special in that it was made in Olínala, Guerrero, a difficult place to get to. It is also special because of the color combinations and the real artistry in the painting of the design into the top layer of lacquer. This shelf has a small drawer that fits very well and slides easily in and out of the slot. The sides are decorated with small yellow birds. Very sweet for the right place. 

Traditional lacquer work is done by layering one color of laca onto the object, then allowing it to dry for a good period of time, layering another color, allowing to dry again, and then painting or incising the design into the piece. This shelf is painted. 

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state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions: 16" wide by 8.25" high by 6" deep

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