Pantelho Woven & Striped Table Runner

$ 125.00
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This subtle, beautifully woven table runner in navy blue (I know it looks a little gray in the photos but I think it's dark blue) with edges in muted autumn tones was handwoven in Pantelho, Chiapas on a backstrap loom. The beautiful navy striped background is so lovely with contrasting,  purple, orange, green, red and yellow stripes on the edges. 100% cotton. Beautiful! Hand woven! This is not a table runner from Target or Amazon!

One of a kind. Made by the women of J'Pas Weaving Cooperative.

Cleaning: Wash in cold water, on delicate cycle. Air dry, then press.

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: approx 19.5" wide  by approx 70" long
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