Small Oil Cloth Cosmetic Bags

$ 15.00

Did you know oilcloth comes from Mexico? The shiny, water repellant material is made in Mexico and can be seen on the restaurant tables all over the country. This artisan business uses oilcloth to make very nice, lined bags that can be used for anything you like but this size can be used to carry lotions or liquid cosmetics in your purse. Also the right size for the coupon person. Or anything else that you might want to protect inside another bag--phone? coins? notes? The zipper is of excellent quality and the cotton lining is usually a  pretty bright floral design. Really nice gift for the bag person in your life!  Allow us to choose a color for you based on our current stock. 

The last photo shows the comparative size to the larger oilcloth bag. 

1 pink remaining

state of origin: Guanajuato 
dimensions: approx 7" by 5"

Available: 1