Matchbox Potato Paste Retablos, Peru

$ 95.00
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These small, matchbook sized nicho boxes or portable shrines, come from Peru. They are constructed of a tiny wooden box and are nicely painted in the typical Peruvian motifs.  Flowers adorn the outside of the cheerful little box. The doors close nicely and open to display a small scene made of potato paste. YES, potato paste. The amazing craftsmanship of working in miniature sizes is astounding!  This is a craft that is found in Peru, made most famous by Jimenez family. This group of tiny boxes were made by Claudio Jimenez Quispe from Ayucucho, Peru. They are signed on the back. 

One of each design available. 

state of origin: Peru
dimensions:  2-2.5" wide by about 2-2.5" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Style
Mask Maker: 1
Flower Vendor: 0
Bread Baker: 0
Musical Instrument Maker: 0