Small Carved Wooden Animalitos, La Uníon, Oaxaca

$ 32.00
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If you like the carved, rustic, wooden heads of La Union, take a look at these super cute little animals (animalitos) by the Santiago family. These little guys are carved out of a couple pieces of copal wood. Their legs are nailed to their bodies with tiny nails. Their ears, tails and horns are not removable. Whimsical facial expressions and colors make them a darling gift. They are very collectible and getting harder to find. 

One of each available. Click and select with the drop down menu.

state of origin:  Oaxaca
dimensions:  approx 4" tall and 6" long

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Orange Bull: 1
Red pig: 1
Pink Giraffe: 1
Yellow Dog: 1
Orange Giraffe-SOLD OUT: 0
Red deer-sold out: 0
Yellow Deer-SOLD OUT: 0
Blue Donkey-SOLD OUT: 0
Blue deer-sold out: 0