Striped Multi Colored Chamula Rebozos or Large Scarves

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Expertly handwoven, striped Mexican rebozos or camino de mesa (table runners) from the tiny town of Chamula Chiapas.  These are long "rebozos" or shawls that can be used as a cheerful table runner or as a gorgeous wall hanging. The color combination is a mixture of lots of pretty colors.   It was woven on a back strap loom. The ends of the warp are braided to add just a little more deliciousness. 100% cotton. They are soft and drape easily around the neck and shoulders. 

Runners vary slightly in color combination but they are hard to distinguish as they are the same hues with a slight variation in the order of the stripes. The photos show a mixture of all three available. 

state of origin:  Chiapas
dimensions: approx 19" by 68" long

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