Terracotta Nativity 14 Piece Nativity Set, Guatemala

$ 95.00
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This is a lovely, unpainted terracotta nativity set or "nacimiento" purchased in Chiapas but made in Guatemala. The 13 pieces include the round plate, the tree and all of the principals.  This charming nativity is made of low-fired clay. Perfect gift for the nativity collector. 

One one available! 

Ceramics will be packed, shipped and insured by UPS. We have a $19.99 deposit for shipping large or multiple ceramics and you will be billed for additional charges, if necessary, by Paypal invoice. Shipping charges vary by volume and destination. 

state of origin:  Chiapas
dimensions:  pieces are approx 2" to 4" tall, 14 pieces including the round plate

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