Extra Small, Tie Closure Pale Pink on Cream Embroidered Long Sleeve Blouse, Chiapas

$ 158.00

A gorgeously embroidered linen blouse, handmade in the highlands of Chiapas. It is an extraordinary  blouse BUT it is very, very small around the hips. It's pretty much straight up and down along the side seams so it either needs to be tucked in or worn by a small, straight hipped person!  The tassel tie closure at the neck, the round collar, the embroidery on the front and the simple outline of the back, all combine to make this pretty summer blouse. Hand embroidered and the seams and hems are finished by hand. This is a little heavier blouse than the others because it is made of a creamy linen. It is finished by hand in a very beautiful stitch.  

One of a kind. 

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions:   Very small in the hips! Shoulders are 15" and the hips are 33" around. 

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