Vintage Pink & Red on White Guatemalan Huipil

$ 175.00

This is a gorgeous, old huipil, or over blouse, woven and worn by a Mayan woman in Guatemala. The light pink and red embroidery is so pretty against the bright white.  The colors are somewhat muted and faded but it still has a lot to say. It's not fitted, so it could be worn as an overblouse or used for display.  Huipiles are woven as two separate strips on a back strap loom, then made into blouses with the stitching around the neck and the stitching down the center. 

The size is medium large to large. It is  basically a square shape so they are not fitted and VERY comfortable. This one is open on the sides. It is made of cotton. It would make really pretty pillows. 

One of a kind, super beautiful

state of origin: Guatemala

dimensions: medium-large size, approx 32" wide by 25.5" long (from the shoulder)

Available: 1