Vintage Taxco Silver Earrings, Posts

$ 32.00
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We come across older silver earrings made in Mexico, usually Taxco, in various and sundry places. I don't know the maker of these earrings but they are silver, stamped with Mexico 925 and are post earrings, not as common as they used to be. The silver "frame" earring is a nice dash of brightness on the earlobe and the stone earring with the intricate cut-work around the edge is of unknown stone. I do not think it's tiger eye but I can't really tell you what it is! The price reflects my lack of knowledge about the earrings and their provenance. But, they are really pretty for the right person! 

state of origin: Guerrero
dimensions: approx .75" to 1" long

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Brown and Black Stone: 1
Silver Frame: 0