Vintage Tourist Art, Three Footed Display Bowl

$ 85.00

Over the 15 years I had a brick and mortar presence in the Twin Cities, I used many vintage bowls and trays in the shop to display other items.  I received frequent requests to purchase the display pieces, whether they were bowls or tables or tapestry hangers. So, now that I no longer need them for display, I'm going to offer them for you to display your goodies at home or elsewhere! 

This is a very full, busily decorated bowl that was likely picked up in Mexico by a tourist somewhere near Guerrero--either one of the resorts on the coast like Acapulco or Ixtapa, or at a mercado somewhere close by. I used this bowl for many types of display over the years and it's sturdy (3 legs), smooth on the inside and has those wonderful scalloped edges. I'm guessing it's older, probably from the 60's. There are no markings on it except the exuberant twirls of flowers and birds. In excellent condition with no cracks or breaks or nicks. Painted on the inside and out. 

state of origin: Guerrero (educated guess)
dimensions: 10" across by 4" tall

Available: 1