Women's Handwoven and Embroidered Caftan, Periwinkle Blue

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This medium to large sized caftan was handwoven in Venustiana Carranza, Chiapas, Mexico on a backstrap loom. This region of Mexico is quite hot all year long so the weaving is lightweight and airy. It is a gorgeous example of the caftans and blouses woven and worn by women in this very hot, dry region south of San Cristobal de las Casa. This particular caftan was made by Carmen Vasquez, an expert weaver and embroiderer who came to the small hotel at which I stayed on my last visit. I bought this beautiful one of a kind dress and some blouses from her. It is made in the same way a huipil is made, two long rectangular strips are hand sewn on the sides to make a dress. It is very forgiving in shape! The periwinkle is the background and the embroidery is silk thread in a light blue, making a unique and gorgeous one of kind summer dress.

One of a kind

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: Med-Large size, approximately 26" wide by approx 45" long

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