Frida from Izucar

This amazingly detailed clay Frida Kahlo skeleton is a candle holder and was made in a small town south of Puebla called Izúcar de Matamoros. Izúcar is probably most famous for its "trees of life" that are painted in joyous colors and covered with fruits, birds, and the stories of the Bible, usually Adam and Eve. You will also find Mexican trees of life, made in a very different style, in two other towns, Metepec and Acatlan.

But Izúcar is the only place in Mexico where one would find these very intricately painted clay pieces-- candelabra, skulls covered in butterflies, boats or numerous other shapes-- like the one above.  This style was made popular and familiar by Alfonso Castillo (now deceased) who started as a tree of life and candelabra maker.   There are now several artisans and families who are either related or distantly related who emulate his style.

This particular piece was made by a relative by the name of Tómas Hernandez and displays great skill in the shaping of the piece, the face of Frida Kahlo and the intricate painting, which I was told, was done with a very small brush made of cat hair.



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