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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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30 Years in 100 Year Old Home--Living with Mexican Folk Art

Posted by Anne Damon in   /   2 COMMENTS

Our home in Minneapolis was included on the Apartment Therapy "House Call" on July 3, 2017.

Here's the article and the photos. And here's the link if you want to see it on their website



Name: Anne and her husband 

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota 
The basics: 30 years, owned — 3,500 square feet

Anne's home has the sort of settled into style that many of us dream about when we look at the bare walls of our new houses and apartments. Decorated with a mix of thrift store steals and colorful imports, Anne and

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15 Links in Honor of Frida Kahlo’s 110th Birthday

Posted by Anne Damon in Frida Kahlo, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

July is here, which means that it is time to celebrate all things Frida Kahlo, in honor of her birthday on July 6. Last year we marked the occasion by sharing 5 Surprising Facts about her.  In the past, we have also reviewed her connection to the Huipil, a traditional garment which she is famous for wearing regularly, and shared information about her close relationship to Mexican Folk Art.

Frida Kahlo

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Mexican Textiles 101: What is a Mexican Rebozo?

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican textiles, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

The next topic in our Mexican Textile 101 series is the ubiquitous Mexican rebozo.  A rebozo is a Mexican shawl, simultaneously elegantly simple and culturally significant.  It is a quintessential Mexican staple, which evolved during the colonial period, and through time has been worn (and still is!) by all kinds of Mexican women, from indigenous women living in the mountains and valleys of Mexico to the most sophisticated business women and urban dwellers, from new mothers to elderly grandmothers to glamorous movie stars and heads of state.  It is a garment mainly worn by women and is believed to enhance the grace of her movement while worn, as well as keep her warm in the place of a jacket or sweater.  There are delicate rebozos of light-as-air silk for special occasions, such as Mexican Independence Day or a wedding, but there are also more durable workhorse rebozos, which are used to sling children onto one’s back, carry heavy loads, or even assist during childbirth!  

 Mexican Rebozo

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What is a Nicho Box?

Posted by Anne Damon in recent, Religious Folk Art   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Mexican Nicho Box


Have you been shopping on Zinnia’s website, come across a nicho box and wondered, what on earth is a nicho box?  If you have, you are not alone.  Let us explain.

 A nicho box, or simply ‘nicho’, is a three-dimensional or recessed display box, much in the spirit of a shadow box, used as a portable shrine to an important figure or loved one.  

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5 Mexican Folk Art Gifts Everyone Loves

Posted by Anne Damon in charms   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
Gifts for friends or relatives can be tough to select! You don't want to give the same old thing to everyone but being creative in your gift giving can take time and energy you may not have. We specialize in the unique. We also specialize in one of kind gifts that people, whether they are relatives, best friends, or neighbors, will love and   read more

Eloy Santiago Wood Carving, Oaxaca, Mexico

Posted by Anne Damon in Oaxaca   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Another exquisite Mexican wood carving from Eloy Santiago of La Union, Oaxaca. This one-of-a-kind piece is a father and son on their way to market with a load of chickens on one side and piglets on the other. Eloy always captures the whimsy of Mexico's rural life with his wonderful carving and vibrant painting. Click on the photo for our current stock of Eloy Santiago wood carvings!

Eloy Santiago Wood Carving, Oaxaca, Mexico

What Do Moms Like?

Talavera Table Setting at Zinnia Folk Arts

 Some Moms like beautiful handmade ceramics for serving dinner or entertaining friends....

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Cinco de Mayo Is a Minor Holiday in Mexico!

Posted by Anne Damon in Cinco de Mayo, Fiesta, Paper Folk Art   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
There's sort of always a fiesta going on at Zinnia Folk Arts--it's colorful, there are lots of handmade party decorations and LOTS of gifts but hey, it's  Cinco De Mayo pretty soon and we thought we'd celebrate. Cinco de Mayo is a very minor holiday in Mexico and is pretty much only celebrated in one city, Puebla, because it marks the victory of the Poblanos over the French invaders in 1862. In the United States it's become   read more

Palm Sunday Mexican Folk Art

Posted by Anne Damon in Easter, Mexico Trips, Religious folk art   /   3 COMMENTS
Domingo de Ramos

Domingo de Ramos

Domingo de Ramos


What is Mexican Talavera?

Posted by Anne Damon in Guanajuato, Mexican ceramics, Talavera   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Mexican Talavera-Zinnia Folk Arts


Most of the ceramics carried at Zinnia are considered either “Talavera” or “Majolica” which are terms that refers to Mexican handmade, hand painted ceramics from Puebla or the Guanajuato regions. Ceramics experts differentiate between

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