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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Cinco de Mayo Is a Minor Holiday in Mexico!

Posted by Anne Damon in Cinco de Mayo, Fiesta, Paper Folk Art, recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
There's sort of always a fiesta going on at Zinnia Folk Arts--it's colorful, there are lots of handmade party decorations and LOTS of gifts but hey, it's  Cinco De Mayo pretty soon and we thought we'd celebrate. Cinco de Mayo is a very minor holiday in Mexico and is pretty much only celebrated in one city, Puebla, because it marks the victory of the Poblanos over the French invaders in 1862. In the United States it's become   read more

Palm Sunday Mexican Folk Art

Posted by Anne Damon in Easter, Mexico Trips, recent, Religious folk art   /   3 COMMENTS
Domingo de Ramos

Domingo de Ramos

Domingo de Ramos


What is Mexican Talavera?

Posted by Anne Damon in Guanajuato, Mexican ceramics, Recent, Talavera   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Mexican Talavera-Zinnia Folk Arts


Most of the ceramics carried at Zinnia are considered either “Talavera” or “Majolica” which are terms that refers to Mexican handmade, hand painted ceramics from Puebla or the Guanajuato regions. Ceramics experts differentiate between

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Silver Mexican Earrings Made by the Mazahua

Posted by Anne Damon in Mazahua, Mexican silver jewelry, Recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

There are some amazing silver jewelry artisans in the Mazahua area of Mexico, northwest of Mexico City. They have been making earrings for a very long time. They were deeply influenced by the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 1500's. When Spanish women arrived in Mexico they brought many new jewelry styles but in particular a style of earring that was crescent-shaped (arracada) and often wrapped in silver or gold. These styles took root in Mexican silver jewelry making and continue to this day. One Mazahua silversmith told the author of an article on Mazahua earrings in Artes de Mexico, the meaning of the silver earrings. He said, "The stones symbolize the bright star that comes out at around four or five in the morning. The doves represent the husband going out into the fields to work, and his wife getting up to make atole. The flowers and leaves refer to the countryside, to nature. And the lines are the rays of the Sun." When the artisans learn to make these intricate earrings, they practice on less expensive metals such as copper and brass. Once they master the technique, they start using silver wire and silver sheets. To this day the elder artisans teach the younger. Unfortunately, not as many young people are so interested in carrying on the tradition. Like so many types of folk art, the Mazahua earring is at risk of dying out. All of these earrings are .925 silver.Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua  Mexican Silver Earrings, Mazahua

For our current availability check right here.


Mercados or The Mexican Market

Posted by Anne Damon in mexico trips, Recent   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

"Full of vigor, color and atmosphere, the Mexican market is a very ancient institution dating back to before the Spanish Conquest in 1521. The Spaniards recorded many vivid descriptions including that of Friar Diego Durán. Determined to propagate the Christian faith, he deplored with wry humor the fascination of the market place. 'I think that if I were to say to one of the Indian women who love to wander around the markets, Listen, today is market day in such and such a place. Which will you choose, to go straight to heaven or to go to the market? I suspect she would say, Let me first see the market, and after that I will go to heaven.'"  Chloë Sayer, Crafts of Mexico.

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Textile Making in Mexico by Cristina Potters of "Mexico Cooks"

Posted by Anne Damon in Chiapas, Mexican textiles, Oaxaca   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

This article was written by Cristina Potters and she's graciously allowed me to reprint here! Follow Cristina's delightful blog about Mexican cooking and Mexican life right here: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

Textile Making in Mexico: An Overview of Tradition

Paracho Contando Hilos 
This weaver, using a back strap loom, creates a patterned fabric by counting threads.

Twenty to thirty thousand years ago, early humans developed the first string, made with handfuls of plant fibers: they discovered that preparing thin bundles of plant material and stretching them out while twisting them together produced a fine thread. The ability to produce string and thread was the starting place for the development of spinning, weaving, and sewing. All three of those indigenous textile making traditions are still strong in today's Mexico.

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What's a Great Mexican Folk Art Valentine's Day Gift?

Posted by Anne Damon in Gift Ideas, Valentine's Day   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Ok, if you're not thinking of proposing to someone and you're tired of giving the same box of chocolates, the same bouquet of red roses or going out to eat at your favorite restaurant, what could Cupid give this year to reflect love, caring, friendship, affection or just plain old, "I like you."  I've put together a few ideas of gifts which are not the same old, same old, AND tell someone you care about them.

It always helps when giving a gift, to know something about the person and what they like or dislike. That's why we have a WISHLIST in the Mpls shop. But the best gift is one that you choose because you know that person and you think they will like it based on that knowledge...here are a few ideas.

Click through to see the piece in the online shop--if you get the message, "page not found" that means it's been sold.

Jewelry is a pretty traditional for Valentine's Day but these earrings are different from the usual thing because they are handmade of sterling silver in the heartland (get it?) of Mexico. If you'd like to see ALL of the earrings we currently have available, go here.

Mexican Silver Jewelry

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Behind the Scenes at Zinnia Folk Arts by Sloane LaCasse

Posted by Anne Damon in Recent, Zinnia Folk Arts News   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

For the past several months, I have had the opportunity to write some blog posts for Zinnia Folk Arts, an opportunity which has been great fun for me, both as an appreciator of Mexican craft and culture, and also as a personal blogger.  As I have been writing these posts, I have had many questions for the business owner, Anne Damon, and I suspect that many Zinnia customers have wondered some of the same things.  So, Anne and I decided to share the conversation we had recently, which was largely focused on how the business came to be, and also on how she keeps the product selection in the store fresh and authentic.

~Sloane LaCasse, mrsroseglasses.com

Anne Damon of Zinnia Folk Arts


People are often surprised to see a Mexican folk art shop thriving here in the frosty northern part of the U.S. I know I wondered about that as I passed by the storefront in seasons past.  I wondered how...

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Where to Buy Mexican Christmas Ornaments

Posted by Anne Damon in Christmas   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Mexican Christmas ornaments can be found in many places in Mexico, during the Christmas season, including Mexico City, Guerrero, Chiapas, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Guadalajara and Puebla.  And of course in our Mexican folk art store starting in early November!  Because I select everything individually rather than buying at trade shows or from catalogues, I usually don't see Christmas ornaments to purchase in Mexico until late October. But keep your eyes open if you are traveling in Mexico at any time of the year because you'll be surprised to see unique small items that can be turned into ornaments even if that was not the artist's intention. 

One of the most common materials used for Mexican Christmas ornaments is tin. We always have a good selection of tin ornaments in various shapes and sizes. Some, like these, are simply cut and painted and others are cut, punched, fabricated and painted:

Click on the photo to take you to our current stock

Mexican Christmas Ornaments-Zinnia Folk Arts

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Traditional Mexican Nativity Scenes

Posted by Anne Damon in Christmas   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

The Traditional Nacimiento (Manger or Creche) in Mexico

This post was written by Cristina Potters of "Mexico Cooks." Cristina lives in Morelia, Michoacán and is an expert on Mexican cooking and Mexican life. Follow her blog right here!

Arbolito 2010 2
A Christmas tree may be the central focus of your home decoration during this joyous season of the Christian year.  In most parts of Mexico, though, the Christmas tree is a fairly recent import and the primary focus of the holiday is still on the nacimiento (manger scene, creche, or nativity scene).

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