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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Nativity Scenes from Mexico

Posted by Anne Damon in Christmas, Religious Folk Art

Mexico is predominantly a Catholic country (over 90%). So, much of the handmade folk art from every region is related to either the Virgin of Guadalupe, believing in miracles, wishing and hoping for protection from the bad, thanking God for the good, remembering the dead or expressing one's faith. As we get closer to Christmas, the Christmas markets will start popping up allowing one to buy all kinds of decorations and food related to Christmas. People buy complete nativity scenes in Mexico but there is also a tradition that happens in other parts of the world--buying the nativity scene one piece at a time. If you go to the Christmas markets you'll see Baby Jesus in all kinds of sizes and colors as well as the lambs, cows, mangers and other nativity figures. You can purchase one or all or simply add on to your nativity scene every year. Jesus is also purchased separately because he doesn't appear in the scene until December 24th...the Three Kings are added to the nativity on January 6th.

Our current online collection is on our website.


Mexican folk art Nativity


Josefina Aguilar Nativity, Oaxaca, Mexico


Peruvian Nativity in Flower

Oaxacan Carved Wood Nativity Set, Oaxaca Mexico

Metepec Nativity Tree of LIfe, Mexican folk art

All of the above natitvities are sold but to see our current collection, check our website .As always, if you have questions or would like to purchase any of these Mexican nacimientos, just let me know!

  • Will you send more pictures of the figures that are probably done by an Aguilar family? Also,the price……..

    Sent from my iPad

    Posted by Stevie Sullivan on March 18, 2014
  • Thanks for your question. The price for the Josefina Aguilar piece from Oaxaca is $145 plus shipping.

    Posted by Zinnia Folk Arts on March 18, 2014
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