Mexican Embroidered Otomi textile

I used an Otomi table runner to make the lampshade cover above.  I purchased the base at a thrift shop and asked my local lampshade maker to use the fabric to cover a new shade. What do you think?

Embroidered Mexican textiles

The Otomi people are experts at embroidering! Here are a few examples of the colorful and skillful needlework done by this group who come from the states of Hidalgo and Puebla. One finds their textiles in many places in Mexico--some is quality work and some is not--be sure to check the tightness and closeness of the threads. Our shop usually has a supply of colorful work, both single color and multi-color, however I am finding that the price of the larger high quality pieces has escalated like crazy over the last 10 years and I'm unable to resell pieces that sell for over $400 in Mexico. So, I recommend that you purchase an Otomí tenango directly from the artists if you visit Mexico, rather than buying it when you return to the US. 

I had the lampshade covered after I got back to the States...I've seen pillows, headboards, ottomans, duvet covers, chair upholstery...use your imagination!

Here's more information about 6 things to know about Otomi Tablecloths


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