Leather Tigre Mask from Mexico

Small Tigre Mask from Mexico

Mexican Mask

Mexican wood Mask

Mexican Mask with fangs

Masks have been an important part of the dances and ceremonies of Mexico for hundreds of years.  Barbara Mauldin's book Masks of Mexico is devoted to the mask culture of various regions of the great country of Mexico. She beautifully explains the dances that some masks are connected to and the Indian beliefs that underlie the ritual dance and the mask-wearing. And the photos are wonderful. Ms. Mauldin is a curator at the International Museum of Folk Art and has access to their fabulous collection of masks.

These photos are not masks that would be used for dancing except the first one. And that one was probably for a child. Most of these masks are quite small and are meant for display only. Some are paper mache, some are wood, some are leather.




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