Clay Woman signed by Teodora Blanco Oaxaca Clay Women by Teodora Blanco The unpainted doll clay work of Teodora Blanco, who died in 1980, was an original in the history of Mexican folk art. She was well known while alive for creating the beautifully embellished clay "munecas"  (dolls) representing Mexican women doing daily activities OR fantastic human-ish figures topped with animal heads and horns. Her unique and influential work was collected by Nelson Rockefeller and she was one of, if not the first, Mexican clay artisan to decorate her unpainted clay figures with "pastillaje" or attached decorative pieces of clay. Her exceptionally skilled children, Luis and Irma, continue her tradition today.

We are sold out of all of these pieces.


  • Judith C. Curtis on

    I have three Teodora Blanco “dolls” that I bought in Matamoras in the 1970’s. They are about five or six inches tall. The are signed T.B. They all have animal faces, braided hair, and lots of pastillaje: animals, jugs.

  • Anne on

    Hi Nancy, No, I don’t have at the moment. Sorry! Anne

  • Nancy Zvonkovic on

    Do you still have any pieces by Teodora Blanco available? If so, can you send me pictures? Thank you.

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