Here are just a few of the nativities or creche sets we currently have in our online shop and in the Minneapolis store. Do you know someone who collects Nativities? Or someone who collects Nativities from all over the world?  If you have someone on your list who loves Nativities, we've got you covered. Here are just a few of the many we have in our shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Mexican Nativity Scenes or "Nacimientos" come in all sizes and in all media.
 Tiny Mexican Nativity
This is a very sweet and very tiny nacimiento made in Puebla, Mexico. There are 20 super tiny pieces (tallest is slightly over 1") including the lovely Christmas cactus and lots of animals. The whole amazingly detailed set can be yours by clicking on the photo!
The nativity below was handmade in Ocumicho, Michoacán and is typical of their style of clay work. They are very low fired and painted with analine dyes. This is a one of a kind nativity scene of 9 pieces. 


Here is a nativity scene from Puebla, similar to the tiny one at the top and using the same size figures but in a boxed scene. 

Nativity Box, Puebla 


Below is a beautiful, sophisticated, elegant wood carved nacimiento from San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. This is a small set but is exquisitely done and is a great example of top quality folk art. 

Wooden Carved Nativity, Oaxaca




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