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Sometimes I'm told, "I don't have a Mexican house" as if that's supposed to be a reason to not love, enjoy, purchase handmade art from Mexico! Really. Well, guess what? You don't have to have a Mexican house or a Southwestern house or even enjoy crazy mixed up bohemian style to purchase and enjoy folk art. Here are a few examples of how people have integrated masks, textiles, carvings, religious iconography and lots of other handmade folk art objects into their non-Mexican house.

Not sure how to arrange all of your amazing folk art pieces? Take a look at this!

Do you love Otomi embroidery? How about framing it? Or making it into a lampshade? Or just hanging it behind the sofa?

Or do you like lots of different pieces of folk art but don't know how to make them hang together?

Adding masks to your wall expresses yours and their personalities.

Almost every country has textile artisans who make beautiful rugs, belts, tablerunners, pillows or other things. Take a look at this house decorated with textiles from Estonia.

If you're still stuck, follow this board on Pinterest and you'll get more ideas!




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