I've been a collector of handmade objects for a long time. I've learned over time what I'm interested in and it's usually the quirky stuff that doesn't interest other people like feather art, painted wooden bowl, whimsical animals and baskets from every corner of the earth. Everyone has a different idea of home and how to select and arrange objects in their home, whether it's folk art or other treasured belongings. Below are a few photos of how some people live with folk art and a few simple ideas for collecting and displaying. 

1. Collections should be personal. They should always be what YOU want to collect. Don't let others influence your taste. Go with what YOU love. 

2. Be patient. Build your collection slowly, buying one piece at a time. Learn about the makers of that folk art and where they come from. Be choosy and pick the best quality you can afford. 



3. Showcasing handmade folk art is all about balance. Don't overfill your house--every piece needs a little room to breathe and to be visible. I like to make every piece in my shop (and my home) feel special. These pieces have stories and they can tell them better when they are visible to you and your visitors.


4. Group like items or like colors.Folk art is more interesting when the color or object theme is the same. 



5. Have fun. Be quirky. Don't be afraid to collect or use pieces that are unexpected, either in the same vein as folk art or completely opposite. I always fall for things that put a smile on my face whether it's by a master or a child. 



6. Don't seek perfection. Handmade folk art is imperfect. Every piece has a story of the maker and something of themselves in it. Each piece is unique, sometimes not perfectly even, square, painted or decorated. It usually has an historical connection to its region, town or family and usually the method has been taught to current artisans by their family or relatives. The materials used usually are available in the area and are not imported from far away places. 


 7. Enjoy your collections by putting them in places you can see them, rather than hiding them in drawers or closets! 



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