I am always learning about Mexican folk art and love to do it in different ways--traveling, talking to artisans, Pinterest, Los Amigos del Arte Popular, internet sites and blogs but I always fall back on my library of books. Some of these books are classics for the Mexican folk art aficionado and others are just great eye candy. I like to use them for reference and for inspiration.

Some of my favorites:

Arts and Crafts of Mexico, by Choë Sayer (classic)
Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art, by Collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex (classic but now very expensive)
Mexicolor, by Melba Levick, Tony Cohan and Masako Takahashi (fun inspiration)
Oaxacan Ceramics, by Lois Wasserspring
Masks of Mexico, by Barbara Mauldin
Ceramic Trees of Life, by Lenore Hoag Mulryan
Oaxacan Woodcarving The Magic in the Trees, by Shepard Barbash (classic and beautiful styling of the woodcarvings)
Cerámica Mexican Pottery of the 20th Century, by Amanda Thompson (classic)
Mexican Jewelry, by Mary L. Davis and Greta Pack (old but fun to read about the old Taxco workshops)
Popular Arts of Mexico 1850-1950, by Donna McMenamin (great reference book for the vintage ceramic collector)
el méxico de los mexicanos, by Grupo Financiero Banamex (gorgeous book of photos, only available in Mexico)

Mexican Odyssey, by Biloine W Young (inspired me to follow my dream)
A Treasury of Mexican Folkways, Frances Toor (dated but another old classic, fun to read her take on Mexico and Mexican folk art)
Spirit of Folk Art, Henry Glassie (classic from the Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum, long winded but informative photos)
The Skeleton at the Feast, Elizabeth Carmichael and Chloë Sayer (classic)
Mexican Details, Karen Witynski & Joe P Carr (fun inspiration)


What are your favorite books and inspirations?



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