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We closed our brick and mortar store in May, 2022 when our lease expired. Our store is now completely online.

Finally, a solution to your search for beautiful, top quality, well made, unique, hand crafted Mexican handicrafts!  If you've been to Mexico and found some beautiful talavera ceramics but couldn't get them home because they were too big or too heavy, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you. If you love high quality but affordable textiles, handwoven in the remote areas of Mexico, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you. If you live far away from Mexico but love the colorful, cheerful wood carvings from Oaxaca, or the beautiful embroidered blouses and dresses, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you. If you love to shop in Mexico but aren't sure if the jewelry you've found is authentic, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you. If you are a collector of Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art or of emerging artists in the folk art tradition, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you.  If you've been searching for gifts or jewelry that are not multiples from copied designs made in China, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you. If you love Mexico but don't have the patience to look through the piles of wares at local markets or don't know where to purchase directly from Mexico's artisans, Zinnia Folk Arts is for you! 

When you buy from Zinnia Folk Arts you can trust that every piece was handmade by an artisan located in Mexico.  The state where that artisan lives is labeled "state of origin" on every product page. You can trust that every piece is selected by Zinnia's owner and founder, Anne Damon. Your purchases support the continued production of high quality Mexican craft by reinforcing the demand for excellence rather than the demand for cheap mass-produced goods. You can know that your purchase was made by the fairest of fair trade--buying directly from the artisans, at the price they set, from the objects they have available, in seven different regions of Mexico, three to four times per year. You can be sure that the piece was designed by a Mexican artisan and not by a corporation! And after your purchase of a handmade piece of high quality folk art, you will feel like some of our other customers do...

"I could tell from the design of your website--clean, artistic, crisp--and the photographs of your store, that you were a person with a good eye and a strong sense of design. That is why I decided to take a chance on ordering something half way around the world without seeing it in person. And I have not been disappointed!" Customer in Denmark

"Today I received the small, decorated arracada earrings I ordered last week. They are absolutely beautiful! I had such a difficult time finding the perfect pair of small hoop earrings, I must have been looking for about the past 6 months. Thank you, they are perfect for me!" Customer in Texas

"What a fun store! We only have normal stuff in Wayzata." Customer in Minneapolis

"I didn't want to forget to thank you!  Everything in the order is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much!!!" Customer in Indiana

 "Thank you so much for my comal. It's perfect!" Customer with a Special Order

Zinnia Folk Arts, founded in 2008, is a small Mexican folk art shop located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Anne fell in love with Mexico and Mexican folk art in high school when she studied Spanish for the summer in Toluca, Mexico. On that first trip, Anne returned to the United States with a tree of life from Puebla, several baskets, silver jewelry from Taxco and what was to become a life long love for all things Mexican. As a collector of Mexican folk art for over 25 years, researching and seeking the finest folk artists and Mexican crafts of a variety of styles in the many small towns of Mexico, Anne has developed an eye for well-made traditional and unusual contemporary Mexican crafts. Anne has a MA in Arts Administration and was a Research Assistant at the Science Museum of Minnesota focusing on the Donald & Dorothy Cordry collection of Mexican Folk Art. To bring you the variety & quality of folk art for which we are known, she visits different regions of the country and purchases directly from artisans, visiting them in their homes or studios all over Mexico. She also shops in local mercados and a few Mexico-based folk art dealers to bring you interesting and unique pieces.

Because everything is selected in person by Anne Damon, there are not many copies of the same object. If you fall in love with something, buy it! There's no guarantee there will ever be another one. Everything is handmade, everything is made in Mexico (unless otherwise labeled) and everything is chosen for its quality and beauty.

That's why you won't find another shop like it anywhere. Nowhere. It's one of the reasons Zinnia Folk Arts was selected one of the Best New Shops in Minneapolis by Midwest Home Magazine!

We support the continued survival of the variety and excellence of folk art traditions all over the great country of Mexico.  Your purchase allows us to continue and grow our business.

What is Mexican Folk Art?

Good question! Folk art is always some kind of hand made object and is usually considered a craft rather than a fine art. That's true about folk art from all over the world. The usual distinction between folk art and craft is that folk art arises from a cultural, regional or familial tradition or belief that has been passed on from generation to generation--so that object you see on our website (like a Day of the Dead catrina or a beautiful silver earring) has a long history of being made in Mexico. These objects have been made over the years by Mexican artisan families and some of them get REALLY good at it. And then some of them take it to a new level trying traditional motifs in a quirky and unusual way. These are the objects you'll see at Zinnia Folk Arts!

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¡Hola! We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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9 x 13" Mexican Talavera Baking Pan, Ready to Ship
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