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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Small Judas Figures or Paper Mache Diablitos, 2015

Posted by Anne Damon in Easter, Judas Figures, Paper Folk Art   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
Easter is coming soon which means there will be lots of Judas figures available in the mercados of Mexico.

During Semana Santa or Holy Week, the paper mache artists of Mexico make giant (9-12 feet tall!) paper mache Judas figures that look like these miniature versions. Or they can look like the town villain, the town bad guy or even mayors or shop owners who are not respected by the gente. There will likely be images of the President, this year. He is almost universally hated in Mexico.

On the night before Easter Sunday, they are loaded with fireworks, hung above the street and then exploded with everyone in the neighborhood/town/pueblo/vicinity watching. It's their way of getting rid of the Judas figures in life...

Many people think they are devils because they have horns, but, technically, they are called Judas figures. The horns just add an extra level of impishness to them. These smaller versions (anywhere from 17"-20" tall) are also made of paper mache, come from Mexico City and inspire lots of questions and big smiles. 

Click on the photos to purchase.  If you get the message, "not found" that means they've been sold.

Judas Figure

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Paper Mache Judas Figures

La quema de Judas or The Judas Burning is a celebration held in many parts of Mexico on the day before Easter. Very large (10-12' tall) paper mache figures symbolizing Judas the Traitor will be created and then stuffed with fireworks to be blown up in the local plaza or hung across the street in some of the neighborhoods of Mexico City.  The Judas figure can look like these below with horns and tails or they may be made as an effigy of someone who is universally disliked in the community or neighborhood--politician, shopkeeper, or criminal.

These relatively small Judas figures can be found starting soon in the Mexico City markets and at papel mache artisan workshops. Why? To blow up at home, of course! Or to enjoy the whimsical creativity of the Mexican folk artist.

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