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Thanks for stopping in... We’re a small Mexican folk art store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We personally choose ALL of our hand made pieces from talented artisans all over the great country of Mexico.

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Mexican Story Cloths: Hand Embroidery is Still Alive in Michoacán, Mexico

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican textiles, Michoacan   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Michoacán Story Cloths: Hand Embroidery is Alive and Well in Mexico

Almost every ancient culture has a unique way of storytelling, teaching and recording cultural events. Narratives that portray the intricacies and details of everyday life, spiritual teachings and important historical events can be

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Folk Art Buying Trip to Morelia and Patzcuaro, Michoacán

Posted by Anne Damon in mexico trips, Michoacan   /   7 COMMENTS

Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

On my most recent buying trip to Mexico I visited Michoacán, a very large state west of Mexico City, home to the beautiful monarch butterfly winter destination, home to the colonial city of Morelia and home to many, many wonderful Mexican folk artisans. This is what the U.S. State Department

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Ceramics from Capula, Michoacan

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican ceramics, Michoacan   /   LEAVE A COMMENT

Some of you know that Capula, Michoacan is famous for its artisans who make gorgeous Day of the Dead catrinas. But did you know that there are other ceramics for which they are equally well known? Here is an example of a very unusual piece from Capula. It's unusual because of the color combination--usually they are terracotta background with black fish and other designs. This one is orange, blue, cream and yellow! Super beautiful and unique. The painting in the pointillism style is superb. This piece is long gone but for other current ceramics you can see our online shop or visit us in the Minneapolis store. 

Ceramics from Capula, Michoacan

Hunting for Quality Folk Art in Mexico

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican ceramics, Michoacan   /   LEAVE A COMMENT
You may know that I recently returned (last Monday) from a 12 day trip to Mexico. Everyone asks me if I had fun on the trip and I always have to pause just a moment before I say, "Yes, it was fun." Because it is fun but it is also exhausting, exciting, difficult, frustrating, not relaxing, amazing, delicious, sometimes confusing and did I mention, exhausting? So many people associate Mexico with vacation, that I think it's hard for people to imagine that I'm not sitting on the beach with a salty Margarita with Fernando! I travel to Mexico several times a year to purchase folk art for the shop and I try to go somewhere new every time I go and I try to find new artisans every time I go. It's the new adventures that are the most exhausting. The artisans I've visited before, I now  know where to find, I've figured out the logistics of how to get there, how to pack everything, how to schlep it to the shipper, how to get everything back safely without too much breakage or loss. But, the new artisans are sometimes much more difficult to find, requiring stopping in corner grocery stores and asking addresses, stopping people on the street and asking if they know so-and-so, driving down narrow cobblestone streets, driving down one-lane streets then having to back out, asking people again where the person lives and then getting answers like, "Oh, he lives in the house with the wood door."  Many of the addresses are something like, Mr. ABC, Calle XYZ, Sin Numero or XYZ Street, Without a Number. It's not easy, amigos! But also how rewarding! Many of the artisans I have visited are in very out-of-the-way houses in very out-of-the-way pueblos. The pleasure they have when I arrive (and the amazing warmth and generosity) and the pride of workmanship and of course, the excitement of being able to sell something lovely, more than compensates for the difficulty. And then of course the pleasure that these fine works of folk art give to my customers in the US,  is also a great pleasure. Mexican folk art, Mexican ceramics, This is a little family  that I found after asking 8 people in two towns and 5 different streets. It took an afternoon but as you can see, TOTALLY worth it. How about you?  Have you had any adventures searching for artisans in Mexico?

Colorful Cotton Tablecloths and Napkins from Patzcuaro

Posted by Anne Damon in Mexican textiles, Michoacan, Weaving   /   3 COMMENTS
Woven cotton tablecloth from Michoacan
Michoacan cotton textiles
Patzcuaro Mexico Tablecloth
Several people have asked me about the cotton textiles from Michoacan that last and last and are woven on a floor loom. Here they are! I found these colorful, cotton, handwoven tablecloths and napkins on my last trip to Patzcuaro. I dare you to not think "fiesta"when you see these! They are beautifully finished and the colors are vivid and joyful. The napkins come in several different's cotton so it should be washed in cold water. They get softer with washing but the color stays true (if you follow directions and use cold water). Several sizes available, check the page right here.