Felted Wool Guatemalan Nativity Set, 4 Pieces

$ 45.00

These gorgeous, one-of-a-kind nativities are made of felted wool in Guatemala. Each set of 4 pieces (Mary, Joseph, Jesus and manger) is beautifully made in similar color combos to those seen here. The colors are uniquely combined but they are all a muted autumnal color palette. The faces  are so serene! Their eyes are closed and they are softly smiling. Joseph has a beard and Mary is wearing a head cover. The baby fits snugly in the manger. Soft and wonderful for homes with kids--they can't break!

Please don't ask for the ones in the photos because our inventory is always changing and these may be gone. We will pick a beautiful one for you! 

state of origin:  Guatemala

dimensions:  approximately 6.5" tall, 4 separate pieces

Available: Yes