9 x 13" Mexican Talavera Baking Pan, Ready to Ship

$ 75.00
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Red Petunia with Dark Blue
Green Zinnia
Mint Green (Muy Bueno Cooking)
Pin Wheel
Orange Hibisicus
Blue and Saffron
Azul y Rojo
Vibrant Orange
Blue Zinnia
Red Petunia with Gold trim


These beautiful Mexican talavera baking pans (approximately 9" x 13") are perfect for enchiladas, casseroles and lasagna. This ceramic bakeware is food safe, lead free, can go in the oven and microwave and is lovely for bake-and-serve dishes. We recommend hand washing. Because they are hand-painted, they may vary slightly from the exact item in the photograph. Please notice that they are painted on both the inside and out!


$75 plus shipping

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions: approximately 9" by 13" by 2" deep


Available: Quantities limited by Color
Red Petunia with Dark Blue: 2
Green Zinnia: 1
Mint Green (Muy Bueno Cooking): 1
Verde: 2
Pin Wheel: 0
Amarillo: 2
Rojo: 2
Cobalt: 2
Orange Hibisicus: 1
Blue and Saffron: 0
Azul y Rojo: 0
Vibrant Orange: 0
Blue Zinnia: 0
Red Petunia with Gold trim: 0