Mexican Paper Lanterns, Round or Lantern Shape

$ 10.00
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Large Multi-Color Lantern Shape
Large Round
Medium Lantern Shape
Small Round

Collapsible, can-be-used-again, festive paper lanterns. Each one is different but all are white backgrounds with multi-colored designs of red, blue, yellow, green. Med are 10" in diameter or height. Large are 16" tall. They must be closed with a safety pin or tie with a ribbon.  

state of origin: Guanajuato
dimensions: approx Small round: 9" Large Round: 14" Large lantern: 16" tall, Medium lantern: 10"

Available: Quantities limited by Size
Large Multi-Color Lantern Shape: 32
Large Round: 32
Medium Lantern Shape: 37
Small Round: 0