Small Soft Flannel Crescent Moons

$ 10.00
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These sweet handmade, individually embroidered flannel shapes are great for hanging in a window, on a doorknob, or on your Christmas tree. Each is uniquely embroidered with colorful yarn. These are mostly pastels, but there can also be vivid red, lime green, purple, and orange accents. The flannel back is a solid color. There is a string for hanging. So whimsical, pretty and delightful for old and young!

Every piece is one-of-a-kind with its own unique color combinations, so the exact pieces in the photos may be sold. Allow us to choose for you--they are all delightful. 

$10 each

Available: moons

state of origin:Chiapas
dimensions:  approx. 2"-3" 
Available: Quantities limited by Pattern
Moons: 9
Hearts: 0
Stars: 0