Milagro Covered Cross, Small

$ 28.00
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Sacred Heart in Center
Guadalupe in Center

Milagros are small religious charms that people nail onto sacred objects, pin on the clothing of saint statues, or hang with ribbons or threads from altars and shrines. The word "milagro" means "miracle." People carry milagros for protection, good luck and to request help or thanks for problems of everyday living.

This artist has placed several milagros on a pale stained wooden cross and decorated the cross with flowers. Some crosses have Guadalupe in the middle and others have a sacred heart. 

Please do not request a specific one! Photos may differ from the ones we have in stock! 

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions: approx 4.5" by 3.75" tall

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Sacred Heart in Center: 3
Guadalupe in Center: 2