Vintage Religious Nicho Boxes

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These kitschy-beautiful nicho boxes are for blessing the home and keeping it safe and protected from the bad things that can interfere with the good life. They are OLD and I'm not sure on the dating. The artist used a technique called reverse-glass painting so the "frame" around the images inside the box is actually painted on the inside of the glass. The style is dated and difficult to find at the moment. I bought these boxes in Mexico City about 10 years ago at the "Thieves Market" in downtown Mexico City. Both boxes feature the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Mother Mary figure who is displayed and worshiped across the country. And have a "bendiga" or blessing written in Spanish to keep the house blessed. 

Are you interested in more info about Guadalupe in Mexico?

state of origin: State of Mexico
dimensions: 11" by 9" wide by 1.5" deep
Available: Quantities limited by Color
Blue Frame: 1
Green Frame: 0