Long Red Pantelho Striped Table Runner, 8' Long

$ 95.00
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Red Pantelho Runner 1
Red Pantelho Runner 2

These bright red, long, narrow red table runners were handwoven in Pantelho, Chiapas and are woven on a backstrap loom. The vivid red color with contrasting, blue, purple or yellow stripes is spectacular. 100% cotton. Beautiful! 

Cleaning: Wash in cold water, on delicate cycle. Air dry then press.

They are all bright red with differences in the stripe colors and the embroidery at the ends. All beautiful! Choose the one you want in the dropdown menu but you can see, they are difficult to distinguish.

state of origin: Chiapas
dimensions: approx 11" wide  by approx 8' long, with some slight variations
Available: Quantities limited by Color
Red Pantelho Runner 1: 1
Red Pantelho Runner 2: 1