Giant Mexican Paper Flowers

$ 22.00
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Bright Yellow
Dark Purple
Lime Green
Red with Pink
Royal Blue
Red with Orange
Pale Lavender

These are amazing handmade paper flowers handmade in Mexico City. They are giant! And the paper is a thick crepe paper so it's heavier and more durable than the thin little skimpy paper from (ugh) China. Look at those ridges. They are stunning. Some have two colors and others are a single color. They are all BeAuTiFuL! 

state of origin:  Mexico
dimensions: approx 14-15" across, stems are about 20" long

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Turquoise: 3
Bright Yellow: 1
Dark Purple: 1
Lime Green: 3
Orange: 3
Red with Pink: 2
Royal Blue: 2
Red with Orange: 3
Pale Lavender: 1