Tonalá 14 Piece Clay Nativity Set, 2 Sizes

$ 45.00
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This is a traditional "nacimiento" or 14 piece nativity set from Tonalá, Jalisco. The painting of the pieces and the cuteness of the faces is very typical of this style of creche. We offer two sizes of the white with gold trim sets. 

The first seven photos are of the large, the last 5 are of the small. The last photo shows the comparison in size of one of the 3 wise men. 

state of origin:  Jalisco
dimensions:  large: pieces are approx 1" to 3" tall, 14 pieces
                        small: pieces are approx  .5" to 1.5" tall, 

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Large White with Gold: 0
Small White with Gold: 6