Set of 10 Metal Milagros

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Milagros are small religious charms that people usually nail onto sacred objects, pin on the clothing of saint statues, or hang with little red ribbons or threads from altars and shrines. 

The word milagro means "miracle."

Typically, a believer will make a vow to a saint or to a sacred object, and later on she will make a pilgrimage to the site of the shrine or church and take a milagro there and leave it as a sign of gratitude and devotion. People also carry milagros for protection and good luck. Different milagros have different meanings and uses, and are often interpreted differently by different people or for different occasions. For example, a milagro of a body part, such as a a leg, might be used as part of a prayer or vow for the improvement of a condition of a leg--broken, arthritis, pain etc. Or, it might refer to the concept of travel (ie walking) which implies a way of travel. A heart may represent a  heart condition or a romance or the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They can be interpreted in any way you wish. 

Please allow us to choose a variety for you based on our current stock. They are made of a mixtures of metals--not silver or gold or tin--a mixture of low value metals. 

state of origin: Mexico 
dimensions: they are small, .5" to 1", set of 10 in silver tone

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Silver Tone: 45
Gold Tone: 0