Green on Black Leaf Bowls from Michoacán, Ready to Ship

$ 28.00

These leaf shaped shallow bowls were handmade in Michoacán, Mexico. The background is a dark black glaze on a terracotta plate and then decorated with the typical emerald green of Tzintzantzun.  They are likely glazed with lead based glaze so we recommend it only for display or decorative use. Or it can be used to serve dry foods such as chips, crackers, candies or bread--no acidic foods and not for food storage. They are fired at a very low temperature and are fragile. Shipping costs are high for that reason.

Shipping is done by UPS. You will make a shipping deposit to cover packing, shipping and insurance. If the cost exceeds the deposit, you will receive a Paypal invoice (after it's packed) to cover the difference. 

state of origin:  Michoacán
dimensions: approx 8" by 5.75"

Available: 1