Red Amulet Mexican Protecciones

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Shiny red and gold packages, wrapped in cellophane, containing a horseshoe wrapped in colorful rayon thread and decorated with sequins, plant materials, symbolic objects, glitter and always a small print of a saint (usually San Martin Caballero) are one of the many religious folk art charms that keep many Mexicans safe. They are designed to attract good luck and keep evil at bay and are hung over the door, in the glove compartment of the car, placed on a shrine or wherever one might need a little luck. On the back of most of them is a photocopied prayer or incantation called, "El Secreto de la Virtuoso Herradura." They are wonderful to look at and add not only color but a little more "protection" to your life!

state of origin:  State of Mexico
dimensions:   Square: 9" by 9"     Oval large: 12" by 9" ($35),

Available: Quantities limited by Size
Oval: 0
Square Virgen de Guadalupe: 0
Square Saint Michael: 0