Rustic Papier-Mâché Judas Figures

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Judas figures are found in places other than Mexico, such as in Spain, Greece and South America, especially in those countries with a strong Catholic influence on popular culture. These are smaller versions of the huge papier-mâché "Judas figures" or traitor figures that are blown up with explosives in many parts of Mexico during Holy Week. The figures often take the shape of devils with huge horns, tails and wings but sometimes they are effigies of disliked people that are exploded over the street (or in homes, if you can believe it) on the Saturday before Easter. So these are not a Day of the Dead folk art, but rather objects that are created at Easter more about Judas Figures!

This group of Judas figures was made in Celaya, Guanajuato. 

This very traditional folk art is becoming more difficult to obtain in Mexico and even more difficult to get back to the U.S.  Even though they do not weigh much, shipping is expensive because they take up a lot of volume and are difficult to ship. 

Two sizes are available: 1 large, 1 small

state of origin:  Guanajuato
dimensions:  Large approx. 16.5" tall, Small approx 13.5" tall


Available: Quantities limited by Size
Large: 1
Small: 1