Wayuu Mochila Shoulder Bags from Colombia

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I am a bag person, a big bag person and a picky bag person. Looking forward to spring and summer in Minnesota, I've been looking for some casual handmade bags that were fairly neutral but still make a statement about being handmade. So, these bags were made in Wayuu, Columbia by crocheting from the bottom. Note the design on the bottom of each bag! I'm in love with the colors--dark indigo with off-white.  These bags can be cinched closed by pulling the two strings with tassels on the ends. Yum, they are delicious. 

To wash: turn the bag inside out putting the strap and tassels inside. Wash in cold water. Hang to dry.  

One of a kind

state of origin: Wayuu, Columbia, South America
dimensions:  approx 12" wide by 9-10" deep

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Pale Ivory: 1
Indigo 1: 0
Wheat 1: 0
Indigo 2: 0
Wheat 2: 0