Round Appetizer Tray with Removable Bowls, Ready to Ship

$ 95.00
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This is a round, shallow, 12" diameter pan with removable bowls for holding your taco necessities or any kind of appetizer. With all of the bowls removed, this handmade Mexican talavera pan can be used for baking a great bean dip or a hefty quiche. Or use it as a platter for serving chips and salsa, or storing fruit on the kitchen counter! The cheerful design makes it eligible for just standing around empty on top of the table or kitchen island, too.

This appetizer tray can be ordered in the design you prefer on our Special Order Servingware page. 

$95 each plus shipping

state of origin: Guanajuato
dimensions: 12"diameter by 1.75"" deep
Available: Quantities limited by Color
Verde: 1
Mint Green with Orange: 2
Green Zinnia: 2
Red Petunia: 2
Blue and Saffron: 2
Rojo: 2
Orange Hibiscus: 2
Amarillo: 2
Cobalt: 2
Azul y Rojo: 2
Pilar: 1
Traditional: 0