Classic Tall Tulip Shaped Talavera Flower Vase, Ready to Ship

$ 125.00
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Florero Alto #1 -blue and white
Florero Alto #2-blue and white
Florero Alto #1-multi
Florero Alto #2-multi

This handmade and hand painted Mexican talavera flower vase from Dolores Hidalgo is taller and in the vibrant traditional talavera colors and patterns that we love so much.  We offer this beautifully shaped flower vase in a tall size.  It is a one of a kind design from a workshop in Dolores Hidalgo. Beautiful in the summer or fall with a large bouquet of white or multi-colored flowers. 

These flower vases can be ordered in your preferred design on our Flower pots & vases Special Order page! 

$125 plus shipping

state of origin: Guanajuato
dimensions: approx 14" tall by 8" wide

Available: Quantities limited by COLOR
Florero Alto #1 -blue and white: 1
Florero Alto #2-blue and white: 1
Florero Alto #1-multi: 0
Florero Alto #2-multi: 0