3 D Hanging Honeycomb Valentines-AS IS

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Medium White
Large Red

BIG, hanging 3 dimensional fancy hearts to decorate for Valentines Day or just for fun any time of the year. The photos don't show this well but they have honeycomb on both sides of the heart, either white (medium size) or red (large size). They look great in a window! They are a bit tricky to hang because you have to tape the honeycomb to the edges to make it stay open. I used paper clips on the medium size one and the big ones, I've never used. But they are fun and in the right place or at the right party, they'd be grand. 

They are difficult and awkward to ship so it's a good idea to pick them up in the Twin Cities.

Sold as is--no returns or refunds. 

state of origin: Mexico City
dimensions: Medium:  approx 18" by 18"   Large: approx 24.5" by 22"

Available: Quantities limited by Color
Medium White: 1
Large Red: 2